Weddings and Retreats

Majestic Valley has hosted weddings, family retreats, corporate retreats, tour groups, etc. from 6 people to 200.

Additional Photos and Tips

Be sure to view more of our Wedding/Retreat Photos and also the Majestic Valley Facebook page.  Alaska Bride & Groom, a biannual bridal magazine publication also has great tips and contacts for wedding planning.

Wedding at Majestic Valley Wilderness Lodge

Rental/Site Fee for Majestic Valley Wilderness Lodge for Weddings

A $2500 non refundable, non transferable site fee is required to book your event.  In addition, all rooms and cabins must be booked for at least two nights.  You may elect to pay for all the rooms, some rooms, or have your guests call, email, or book their room on online on our website. Please indicate how you wish to set that up upon holding your date. Other scenarios may incur additional fees.

Security Deposit

In addition to the site fee, a $1000 security deposit is required to hold your date.

The deposit will be returned to you after the event if no damanges have been incurred and the predetermined held rooms have been  paid. Excessive and exorbitant messes or damage may result in a portion of the deposit not being returned to the wedding party. Final payment is due before departure. Security deposits and payments may be local check, cash, Visa or Mastercard.

Items Included in the Rental Fee

Interior Floor Space

Exclusive use of the lodge main level floor space is provided and includes the following: dining room, lounge, bar, 2 guest bathrooms, and covered porch until midnight. If reception exceeds the midnight time frame, a $100/hour charge will be added for each hour after midnight that the main level floor space is used. Interior tables and chairs for guest seating, white table cloths and napkins, flatware, glassware, dinner plates and other plates used for meal service, serving dishes if buffet, interior sound system for hooking in your device for music, wi-fi, garbage, staffing, and janitorial service.

You may specify in advance how you want the tables set up; examples: head table, guest seating tables, cake table, gift and card table, and guest book table. Wedding parties meet with our Chef to determine the catering food choices and other details such as: whether the reception will be plated or buffet or a combination of both, timeline of events, and etc.

Exterior Grounds

Also included in the rental is the wedding arbor and surrounding grounds, hammock, two picnic tables and Adirondack chairs.


Majestic Valley provides TAP and DEC certified staff to ensure quality service for you and your guests.

Tables and Chairs

Handy Measurements
Tables used for each event are determined when a final guest count is provided.

Wood Tables and Chairs
10 – 8-10 person 10′ round tables

2 – 12 person oblong 125” x 44”
1 – 6 to 8 person oblong 70.5” x 40.5”
4 – 6 to 8 person oval 95” x 47”
1 – 8 to 10 oval 96” x 41.5”3 – 4 person round bistro with bistro chairs 36” diameter

Portable Tables and Chairs
3 – 10 person white oblong folding tables 95” x 30”
1 – 6 person white oblong folding table (usually used for appetizer table on covered porch)
3 – 6 person white round folding tables (usually used for larger buffet service)

Wedding Arbor

7′ x 7′

Electrical Outlet

Available close to the wedding arbor if parties determine to bring an exterior sound system.

Deck Furniture

3 – 4 person round black iron tables

Items Not Included in the Rental Fee

Centerpieces and Decorations

Most bridal parties facilitate their own center pieces and decoration of tables and dining room area. Large water buckets for fresh flower storage are recommended. For premade bouquets, corsages and boutonnieres, please arrange in advance if refrigerator space is required. Only tape may be used to hang items from logs and walls. Parties may use candles, but there must be a votive/container to catch the wax. We ask that parties NOT use glitter, confetti, rice or bird seed. Some parties have also brought in table runners in the bride’s colors to place on top of the white table cloths. Parties may elect to rent linen at their own expense if another color beside white, what we provide, is desired.

Outside Chairs for Ceremony Site

150 white folding chairs are available for $3.00/chair rental. More chairs may be rented from vendors in Anchorage if necessary.

Sundance Hot Tub Spa

If parties elect to rent the 8 person spa, an additional $350 fee will apply. Observation of rules pertaining to spa use will also dictate deposit return.

Wedding Cake & Plated Service

Majestic Valley can help with your wedding cakes onsite or through our partner bakers. We also do an assortment of wonderful desserts if a traditional cake is not your style. Please inquire if you need a suggestion for a wedding cake.

Cake service, includes plates, dessert forks, and Majestic Valley staff cutting and serving the cake: $2.00 per serving.

Beer, Wine, and Champagne

Majestic Valley Lodge has a full Liquor License. We offer an extensive beer, wine and liquor list that you may choose from. We can create an open or cash bar to fit your needs and budget. If you select beer and wines off our list, you can predetermine the amount and add more as needed; you will only be charged for what is opened. We can also get wines not on our list, but then you will be charged for all the bottles whether opened or not, but you can take home what is left over. We stock a large selection of  beers, wines, and champagne. Kegs generally are available in 5 to 15 gallon sizes. 15 gallons is approximately 165 8 ounce servings. Popular local breweries include: Midnight Sun, Alaska, Matanuska or Broken Tooth. Budweiser, Miller, Coors, Corona and other kegs are also available. You may also elect to purchase bottles off our house beer list.  20% gratuity will be added onto all alcohol purchased.